- IGC file creation time/date bug fixed.

- approved communication with Zeus for better transfering flights.

- format SD is working now correctly.

- support for bigger (up to 16gB) SD cards.

- automatic update of bootloader to v2.0 for support of larger SD cards.



- RMB bug with wrong coordinates is fixed.

- privacy objects on Flarm radar will be shown correctly.

- latest protocol with LX Zeus is integrated for faster flights download.



- Added power managment to extend battery life up to 16h if screensaver is on.

- If Colibri 2 is connected to LX Zeus it will not beep before turn off after power is lost for 5min.

- Bug fix when transfering empty task with SeeYou.



- GPRMB sentence output bug with wrong coordinates is fixed.

- added FORMAT option under Setup/SD Card menu, which will format your micro SD card and create all necessary folders.

- if connected to ZEUS, there is no more inside beep

- flights cannot be errased during flight

- when importing TPs by CODE and if CODE doesn't exist (empty field), TP name will be used.

- supported orientations: 0, 90, 18' and 270 deg.

- bug with automatic vario beep turn on is fixed.



- navbox settings for TSK page are working (bug fix)

- it is possible to navigate on task, having only start and finish point (bug fix)

- when transfering declaration to Colibri 2 beep is added

- UTC offset has limit now : -12h ... +13h

- Flarm alarm beep will always work also if volume is set to 0% or to mute.

- added SD error message when Init SD is not complete

- I record settings will remain after power reset (bug fix)



- added support to work with LX Zeus (transfer flights, settings, ...)



- screensaver bug caused with v1.8 fixed.



- load TP from CUP file by NAME or CODE.

- added password: 66666 to erase task from memory.

- landscape/portrait option under DISPLAY setup.

- navbox customization added under DISPLAY setup.

- before turn off, Colibri II will ask you again about your choice, to prevent any unwanted turn offs.



- added task import from cup file

- bug with copying flights to SD card fixed

- total memory (in hours) added in logger setup menu



- warning for altitude is now based on QNH altitude (bug fix)

- warning altitude can be set to OFF and is set to OFF after init memory.

- when you enter inside sector on task, beep is triggered (1s mute, 2s beep, 1s mute) and INSIDE word appears on task page.

- under NMEA settings you can change output baud rate (BR4800, BR9600, BR19200).

- validation bug solved.

- if vario units were KTS, graphic vario was showing too much. This bug is fixed.

- Bug, when copying flight to SD card, Colibri II got stuck -> fixed.