Please find attached version 1.7. Use Setup / Transfer / Update option to update your unit. Make sure that update file is in the root of the SD card, otherwise it will not update.
- FinalGlide on task to finish point is working correctly.
- Shutdown option will also save settings now. 
- under polar added ballast dump flow. It is set in kg/min and can be off. This option work with input set to ballast and will automatically count down ballast left in the wings.
- added info page with OAT and battery voltages. It can be disabled under Setup / Pages.
- under vario/SC menu Max SC speed is added. Above that speed SC sound is quiet.
- on inputs page actual status of input is also displayed. 'A' means active and 'N' means not active.
- under vario SC menu added Vario silence option. This will turn off vario beep until value set is reached. Only for negative values can be set.
- sync with navigation to TP and task transfer between 1st and 2nd seat is now correct and working in all cases.
- if valid GPS is detected at power on, Eos will offer GPS altitude at initial setup.
- under QHN/Res new option Preset elevation is added. It can be:
OFF: at initial screen GPS altitude will be offered or 1013 if there is bad or no GPS.
QFE: at tinitial screen 0m will be offered.
value between 2 ... 2000: at initial screen this altitude is offered
- minimum weight of glider can be set to 100kg.
- inverted inputs are working correctly
- 2nd seat will display TA, and Flarm page correctly on bad GPS and no Flarm on input.
- stability on declaration transfer via User and BT port.
- pressing enter on TA page will not go to volume page anymore
- all selected indicator navboxes are now shown correctly. 
- user polar has name U: xxxx and user can change its name.
- altitude sensor can be selected under VARIO/SC menu (TE/ST or IGC).
- shutdown option added in setup menu to turn off device.
- G-Force page is added.
- MAX beep time setting is working correctly.
- DIST and FG indications are working correctly.
- added G-force as needle.
- external SD card is not accessible during backup mode.
- auto next is working correctly on TASK start sector.
- added audio test option under Vario/SC menu.
- GPS data output on Flarm port is supported when Transponder is set to yes under Setup / NMEA menu. Baud rate on Flarm port are automatically set to BR9600.
- auto switch to TA page is working correctly.
- bug with "No Task found" on file with task is solved.
- kts units are working correctly again on vario page.
- vario needle bug fix.
- 2nd seat will not crash if statistic page is active and flight is finished.
- FG on 2nd seat is working correctly.
- Added password 66666 - clear actual task.
- Added password 55555 - clear TP database.
- Input can be inverted in case of inverted switch - active open state.
- Improved saving settings.
- Non-directional objects are shown on Flarm radar as red circle.
- ADSB objects are displayed as green triangles on Flarm radar
- Zoom on Flarm radar with UP/DOWN keys on Joy.
- Zoom on TP and TSK page with UP/DOWN keys on Joy
- On vario page, volume can be changed with UP/DOWN keys on Joy.
- Setup menu on TA page
- User can select NavBox-es on TA page.
- Drawing balance ball on AHRS improved
- User can control volume in vario and SC mode independently.
- Supported gear up warning when outlanding is detected and airbrakes are out with no gear.
- Removed TA beep setting from Vario menu.
- Removed Auto TA setting from Page menu.
- Audio frequency (negative, zero and positive) can be set under Vario/SC menu.
- Vario needle bug is solved.
- Auto TA is working on 2nd seat.
- Longer polar names are visible under polar setup menu.
- Flarm declaration transfer is working correctly.
- Some new glider polars.
- G-force is saved to IGC file (GFO).
- Support for LX MOP sensor.  
- needle calibration will not fail any more due to one sensor being blind because of reflected sunlight.
- FG on TP and TSK page is now shown with bigger letters and FG: is removed - only numbers with units are shown.
- gear and airbrake warnings are told only 5 times.
- Flarm radar has now 12 directions it is sync with voice modul.
- Audio player is availbale with password 28346
- User can change pitch on AHRS page
- Import/Export user profiles from/to external SD card.
- Pin code protection for user profiles.
- Flarm radar will show object in correct direction.
- MC, bal, bugs are transferred from SeeYou and XC Soaring, LK8000 (PFLX2 sentence).
- Flarm radar is supported (select, zoom).
- Wind direction is shown correctly in TA.
- TA has new wind indication.
- 2nd seat is showing G-Force.
- Voice Flarm warnings/traffic is supported.
- declaration transfer from PNA to Eos via User port and BT is working. TP elevation data in not transferred and is set as 0 for all points. Because of that FG will always calculate to finish point 0m elevation! 
- flight transfer to Zeus is now working correctly also for negative altitudes.
- Warnings are based on new speeds: Vne - TAS, stall - IAS.
- Auto SC is based on IAS.
- Bug with vario needle stuck in max/min position is fixed.
- baro corrected altitude is corrected with IAS when Pitot tube is used -> TE level is set to 0%. 
- GPS refresh rate is 2Hz.
- Added G-force under indicators.
- Wind is not calculated if Eos is not in flight mode.
- When importing task from CUP file with no name it will be listed as TSK1, TSK2,..
- Zones that has 90°angle and R2 == 0 will be drawn as line.
- Set elevation is working correctly on negative altitudes also.
- Flights can be copied more than once to external SD and will always be ok.
- ENL is shown correctly on LX Zeus
- When KRT2 output is enabled, all other data on user port is automatically turned off.
- Corrected wrong FG calculation when landing point was not entered.
- Added AHRS page when external AHRS is detected.
- Task import from CUP file is supported.
- Auto thermal assistant option is supported (When circling is detected it will automatically show thermal assistant).
- Number of detected TPs by filer is visible on select dialog.
- Gear and airbrakes warning supported.
- Input warning option is added under warnings.
- Netto vario is shown correctly as top/bottom numerical indication.
- Flarm icon is visible also if Flarm is connected to LX Zeus.
- When Task is transfered from LX Zeus it will automatically send it to Flarm.
- Added Inside voice message on entering task TP zone.- Task total distance and task type is shown on task edit screen.  
- added Speed To Fly option to be selected under Indicators settings.
- Auto QNH will work only until first takeoff. It needs power restart to be active again
- Encoder fast change mode is supported. Press + change will change by 10.
- Calculating security message is shown when flight is ended from Zeus.
- Event message is always shown when triggered from Zeus.
- Name of empty point in declaration is always "NO_NAME.
- Eos will reset itself with long press on enter button (30s)  
- at power on, Indu will not blink after startup logo.
- polar is refreshed after transferred from Zeus.
- added thermal assistant beep at max point under Vario/SC settings.
- 4th click on enter will exit Volume/MC menu.
- altitude graph is now using baro corrected altitude + check for negative altitudes.
- support for KTR 2 radio controled from Zeus.
- added 3 new polars (EB 28, EB 28 Edition and DG 505 Orion M), there is no polar for EB29.
- flight download request from Zeus is supported.
- TP file can now be transferred from Zeus. 
- solved garbage on Indu at power on. Potential bug for crashing Indu is solved with this.
- 1st and 2nd seat are supporting Joy only on Fn mode 1. Joy is smart and allows only mode 1 if only Eos is detected.
- beeper is supported and working on Flarm alarm.
- Condor simulator mode is supported.
- declaration is sent to Flarm on demand (setup/logger/Decl. Flarm)